From September 1972 until July 1977, I was one of the three engineers producing and maintaining the equipment at KCBS-FM in San Francisco. During that time, the station used the IGM 770 automation system to produce the on-the air programming.  A DEC PDP8E 12-bit computer was used to control the programming as well as to prepare the music and programming lists.  It used a 2 and 1/2 megabyte disk on a 14 inch platter to store the data.


Ken Ackerman

Ken started at KCBS in 1942 when he moved to the Bay Area from Sacramento.  I met Ken in 1972 when he worked at KCBS-FM and I worked on the FM side.  When I considered looking for a home in Marin County, he suggested Cole Jackman who sold me a home in San Anselmo close to Ken.  I have been in San Anselmo ever since.

Ken Ackerman and Alan

Ken Ackerman and Alan at the Broadcast Legends lunch, September 2005.