My second job in radio was as the morning disk jockey at KATI, “1400 on your dial,” in Casper, Wyoming.  I signed the station on at 5:00 am and played country and western music until 7:00 and then left for school at Natrona County High School in Casper.  Then back on the air from 5:00 pm until 8:00.  It was a great way to make some money and learn a skill while going to school.


When I first worked for KATI, the studios were at 314 North McKinley Street.  In late 1965 Pat Meenan built a new studio at 1400 KATI Lane.  Bill Sims was the station manager.  Steve Broomell, the chief engineer, built the console and production equipment.  Larry LaVerne did mornings, Bob Young mid-day and Warren Cook evenings.

As of this writing KATI is no longer on the air.  But one day many years ago Steve Broomell said to me in passing that KATI was good enough to pick up from Casper and drop into Denver and compete with the big stations.  I think he was right.



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