Ken Ackerman

Ken started at KCBS in 1942 when he moved to the Bay Area from Sacramento.  I met Ken in 1972 when he worked at KCBS-FM and I worked on the FM side.  When I considered looking for a home in Marin County, he suggested Cole Jackman who sold me a home in San Anselmo close … Read more


I was one of the first Broadcasting majors at the University of Wyoming. On September 14, 1966, at 4:00 p.m. I signed on the campus radio station KUWR-FM for the first time. This was our logo during the late 1960’s.  The FM was 10 watts on 91.5 MHz. and in the dorms, the signal was … Read more

Dolby Laboratories

From 1983 to to 1995 I worked among the engineers at Dolby Laboratories in San Francisco as  the Director of Management Information Systems. Ray Dolby and Bill Jasper presenting me with a 10 year cup in June 1993.


My second job in radio was as the morning disk jockey at KATI, “1400 on your dial,” in Casper, Wyoming.  I signed the station on at 5:00 am and played country and western music until 7:00 and then left for school at Natrona County High School in Casper.  Then back on the air from 5:00 … Read more