North Star Advantage

Integrated Desk Top Computer with 12 inch Bit-Mapped Graphics or Character Display, 64Kb RAM, 4 MHz Z80A Two Quad Capacity Floppy Disk Drives, Selectric® Style 87 Key Keyboard, Business Graphics Software. The North Star ADVANTAGE™ is an interactive integrated graphics computer supplying the single user with a balanced set of Business-Data, Word, or Scientific-Data processing … Read more

North Star Horizon

The NorthStar Horizon was a popular 8-bit S-100 bus computer introduced in October 1977. It was built around the ZiLOG Z80A microprocessor, and ran the North Star DOS, (Disk Operating System)  or the CP/M operating system. It was produced by North Star Computers, and it could be purchased either in kit form or pre-assembled. The … Read more

North Star Computers

North Star Single Density Disk Controller, Shugart SA-400 Disk Drive and Floating Board Board In the early days of 8080 eight-bit computers, users bought either an Altair or IMSAI S-100 bus computers. To make them operational, the user toggled in a bootstrap loader from the front panel that allowed would read a BASIC interpreter from … Read more