Stanley Kubrick


A video clip of Stanley discovering a portable Sony Betamax camera for the first time.

2 thoughts on “Stanley Kubrick”

  1. Dear Mr. Bowker,
    Compliments for your site!
    Being a fan of Stanley Kubrick and the Shining in particular, I came across your site by accident.
    Stanley’s photo behind an IBM XT brought back memories when the same IBMs arrived at our company around the same time.
    The clip of Stanley and Jan Harlan is fantastic to watch. Stanley would later use video cameras to directly view the takes in the shining.

    • Just remember these images are from 36 years ago. Personal computer technology was just getting sophisticated enough for first time users to get some use; even though they were very basic word processors. Stanley was very inquisitive. He also wanted to build a free form database of ideas. He did know enough about how big an undertaking such a project would be. We spent hours on the phone going through flow designs with word associations. It was a great time for me. Take care, All the best. Alan Bowker


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