Vocal Recall – A Review

Vocal Recall: A Life in Radio and Voice OversVocal Recall: A Life in Radio and Voice Overs by Neil Ross
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For those of us living the Gypsy life as a disk jockey in the 1960's and 70's, Neil's book provides and insight into the world of making your way from a small market to a medium market and then a big market. And as radio changed the opportunities got smaller so he changed careers to do voice over.

Neil has made successful transition to the new career and worked with some of the big names both in the voice over world but with screen actors as well.

The book a a good narrative of how staying focused to your craft and practice will pay off. It also helps to make contact with other on-air personalities to aspire to.

(I worked with Neil at KCBQ during the summer of 1969 when I was a vacation relief engineer. It was a great time for Top 40 Radio with some big on-air talents. And Neil was one of them.)

A good read.

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